Ufanet Group
Events do require large investments, and by that, I mean not only money, but also time and effort. Other companies often ask to what extent such events help increase customer traffic, and I answer — actually, they don't. Then they wonder why we hold them at all?! But we don't look at events from the financial perspective, the main thing is that the community like them, our team like them. They make us a close-knit team and make us proud of our company.
Iskandar Bakhtiyarov
founder and CEO of Ufanet Group

«‎CHILDREN ARE OUR FUTURE», an Annual Festival

First Day of School festival for all first-graders. Established in 2010.
We do not know what our first graders will be in 15 or 20 years, but we want to help them take the first step on their journey to their dream. With the support of the authorities of towns and villages, Ufanet holds an annual career day for all first-grade students, their parents, and teachers.

The festival starts with a 300-metre alley with photos of all first-graders, their names, and their dream jobs. We also provide annual statistics on the most popular names and jobs among those who are going to enter schools for the first time. The careers of a teacher, police officer, and vet tend to be the most popular.

In some towns, we even organise an interactive fair with hands-on activities, and it really fascinates children. Moving from one platform to another, first-graders can try their hand at being a dog handler, firefighter, journalist, doctor, engineer, and other popular professions.

In other towns, Children Are Our Future can be a team quest for kids and grown-ups. The classes build their teams in advance — they come up with a uniform, name and, together, they go through their first team quest that offers creative, educational, and sports activities. The festival culminates in a grand finale — an open-air theatrical performance at the end of which the children close their eyes to make their fondest wish. One. Two. Three... now look! Blasts of party poppers, delight, and the warmth of the happy hours together — we believe that it will unite the children, parents, and teachers as tight-knit teams.

The festival is held in over 40 Russian towns and villages. We share our event script and technology with other companies that share our values free of charge. Would you like to try? We can exchange our know-how with you, too.

«‎SPRING BALL», an Annual Festival
A major dancing event for school graduates. Established in 2012.
It is a grand ball for all 11-graders of the city dedicated to the coming graduation, first love, true friendship, and youth. People wait for it, get ready for it. After a two-month training delivered by Ufanet, all school graduates dance five dances together on the huge city square: Flower Waltz, Branle, Sirtaki, Polonaise, and Flashdance.

The Spring Ball is the most difficult and at the same time our favourite event. Over 400 people, almost our entire team, are involved in the festival, regardless of their position.
The Spring Ball is the most difficult and at the same time our favourite event. Over 400 people, almost our entire team, are involved in the festival, regardless of their position.

The Spring Ball has a wide support of our partners — dancing and vocal troupes, theatre troupes and studios, gifted singers, musicians, and artists. They help organise the thematic venues where guests can learn various dances and dance styles, sing, draw, and even have a go as street actors.

The heart of the Spring Ball is the Alley of Graduates that includes photos of all 11-graders with their names and new dream jobs. Our longest Alley exceeded 200 metres. Since 2012, over 85 000 graduates have taken part in our ball.
To change people and the world, you have to start with yourself. We are proud to hold these events. It is made possible thanks to the contributions of our service engineers who connect subscribers to our network, our support service operators, sales managers, telephone operators, programmers, journalists...
Olga Edeleva,
Head of PR, Event Leader, Ufanet

Classical Music Marathon (Park Festival)
The Classical Music Marathon is a celebration of music and art. For one night, the parks turn into a big open-air musical garden.

The heart of this festival is the brass bands that play masterpieces by world composers, jazz, film themes. These sounds revive the best traditions of the park culture of the previous century combining them with modern art.

This event is home to dozens of creative spaces: photo galleries, art exhibitions, workshops, poetry recitations, street theatre. Every guest becomes part of a large impromptu performance in the atmosphere of creativity, beautiful music, and friendly spirit.

Active «‎Life Initiative»
This project is implemented in Ufa.

Ufanet invites all Ufa residents to join us for free outdoor workouts and Nordic walking!

«‎Active Life» workouts take place in Ufa parks and public gardens. No age restrictions. Exercises take 20 minutes, and the Nordic walking workout lasts one hour. Live an active life no matter the age, and we will support you in that.

Bodybuilding Cups and Championships
Since 2011, Ufanet and the Bodybuilding Federation of the Republic of Bashkortostan have partnered to develop the bodybuilding and fitness movement, promote sport and a healthy lifestyle in our republic. Over the years, our competitions have been attended by many world-class athletes, including Sergei Ogorodnikov, Igor Gostyunin, Andrei Skromny, Francisco Paco Bautista. Our Cups and Championships combine competitions in various disciplines, a spectacular athletic show, a fitness exposition that exhibits sports nutrition products, sportswear, and accessories, as well as workshops, various activities, and contests for the audience.

Thousands of amateur and experienced athletes from around Russia and even more fans have taken part in the competitions. Thanks to the live broadcast presented by the city TV channel UTV, viewers can watch the competitions online from anywhere in Russia.

Large Tour of Tugan Tel
TV Channel Stars
A new project among our numerous initiatives. Supported by Tugan Tel TV channel, in 2018 Ufanet launched a large concert tour of Bashkir and Tatar music stars. The participants include such big stars as Marat Shaibakov (Merited Artist of the Republic of Bashkortostan), Idris Kalimullin (People's Artist of the Republic of Bashkortostan), Ural Rashitov (Merited Worker of Arts of the Republic of Bashkortostan), and many others.

The concerts are accompanied by an eventful programme, including thematic areas, bright photo zones, play areas for children, workshops, painting and photography exhibitions.

UTV TV Channel
Sharing our culture, our opinion on current issues, finding and supporting people who share our values — these are the reasons we launched our own cable TV channel UTV in 2009. Despite the channel's name, almost everyone calls it Ufanet. UTV includes our own newsroom, live studio and sports broadcast, our own shows, and a production studio. By the way, all videos on our website are presented by UTV.

This experience helped us launch three more proprietary channels, including Wild Nature, Home 4K, and Through the Eyes of a Tourist. We sell our broadcast to TV operators in Russia, CIS, and Baltic countries.

In 2019, we launched local TV channels in the villages of our presence. UTV teaches new competences to Ufanet's office employees who can become journalists and cameramen. Thanks to this initiative, small towns and villages can get their local newsrooms, and our team members become TV stars.