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CROSS 2023 exhibition in Sochi: how was it?

The near end of the era of new capacity building and the new customers flow cessation... What to do with it? The answer to the question was in the speech of the Director of "Ufanet" Iskandar Bakhtiyarov. The General Director of the company made a presentation “The operator's development strategy for 5 years”.
Denis Sayfutdinov, head of the information technology center, spoke about the brand and economic effect of the implementation of the operator's information system using the example of Ufanet. The commercial director of Ufanet Karina Mingazova told the participants about the “Orange wave effect or how to make 30% penetration in 30 days”.

At CROSS 2023, our company presented its new products - "Smart intercom" Secret TOP and Secret mini. Both models and their software were developed and produced by the Ufanet group.
The PON for block of flats and private houses booth welcomed the guests with cable trays and patch cords. Many visitors liked the functional backpacks for service engineers.

The annual conference gathered a huge number of guests. We were glad to see everyone who came to visit us. We hope that our experience and our products and services will be useful to colleagues. The Ufanet team thanks the organizers and the city of Sochi for the warm welcome. See you soon!