Construction of communication networks.
Production of goods for network construction.
Development of smart services.
Own TV channels and content.
We work all over Russia, and also cooperate with companies around the world!
> 3 500

in our team
> 700 000
72.5 million US dollars
reporting revenue
2 own
production facilities
5 own
TV channels
production studio
Ufanet services and products

We develop digital and technical solutions
Own production of goods for the construction and design of communication networks, and installation works.
Products of own

A unique technology from a company that has built more than 490 thousand units since 2016 with an average penetration rate of 43% in the first 2 months!
Construction of
PON networks

Smart Intercom with face line recognition and the Alina Voice Assistant and other digital products.
Ufanet Smart
TV channels
and VOD content
Own TV channels Wild nature HD, Through the Eyes of a Tourist HD and 4K, HOME 4K, Live Active HD are created for a long lasting and interesting pastime.
MYTV online serice
for creating a channel

A service that makes your visitors – the audience, and you – an owner of your own TV channel.

Ufanet is a telecommunication operator, a system integrator in 7 regions of Russia: Bashkortostan, Tatarstan, Mari El, Orenburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Ryazan and the Moscow Region.
Companies of the Ufanet Group
The Ufanet Group includes the following organizations:
Internet provider and cable TV operator in Russia.
The company provides services for individuals and companies: high-speed Internet, cable and IP-TV, video surveillance, Smart Home and many other services.
Firma Mir
An owner and manager of commercial real estate.
A young growing company with focus on distribution of TV channels, content and products around the world.
performs design and construction of communication networks in Russia.
Internet provider and cable TV operator in the Moscow Region. The main services of the company are high-speed Internet, TVscop IP-TV, video surveillance, Smart Home systems and other solutions for individuals and companies.
Production and all the operations
are certified and licensed
Current indicators of the
Ufanet Group
> 150
our TV channels in the world
operators broadcast
a capacity of construction
of the PON
thousand units per year is
960 th. km
of Ufanet fiber-optic lines connected to customers
in the cities with
Ufanet network
switching centers
sq. m. production
1 913
our warehouses
sq. m. total area of
buildings of the company
production facilities
Confirmation of our competencies
- awards and prizes
Performance Leaders' Cup
of A. K. Gastev
"Development of the production system", 2019

in the Russian Federation according to
IBS business partner of the leaders of
Russian business and government agencies
TOP 100 developing
award for the development of IT technologies in the Republic of Bashkortostan
2021 Award
in the nomination "For a wide selection of TV channels"
Big Digital
National Award 2011
at the Multiservice Annual Forum of telecom operators and broadcasters
Best Branded
Car 2018
winner in the categories "Young Talent" (2016), "Best Monitoring and Technical Support Team" (2017)
Winner in the category " Television and life: Special project"
Winner of the first national
award in the field of multichannel digital TV in the Russian Federation
Crystal Headset
International Award
TEFI TV award
The Big Figure
Award 2010
Mass media about Ufanet
    Ufanet Social Mission
    "Yes, festivals are big spending, not only in terms of money, but also of time and efforts of employees.

    Other companies often usually ask, how much the increase in customers is. I say that, in general, there is no increase.

    They wonder, what is the point of these festivals?!

    You can't think of festivals in terms of whether they bring us money or not.

    The key point is, that the citizens
    like it, the employees like it.

    This makes us more cohesive, makes us a team and gives us pride in the company!"
    Iskandar Bakhtiyarov

    Founder and CEO of the
    Ufanet Group
    Learn more about the projects and our social
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