Cable-trays and ducts

  • - Communication lines are not secured.
    - Sloppy appearance.
    - It is difficult to find the necessary cable in the case of a network audit.

  • - Protection of communication lines from damage.
    - Aesthetics and durability.
    - Easy operation and monitoring of network status.
    - The time for installation and construction of communication lines is reduced.
    - Optimal market value.

How are our сable-trays produced?
In 2013 Ufanet group patented its own development of universal cable-tray. Production of cable-tray is organized according to the principles of Lean Production. In this video you can learn how the workflow is built.
Using of the Ufanet cable-trays for installation of communication lines
In this video we'll tell you how you could quickly and conveniently install communication lines in the entrance using cable-tray produced by Ufanet Group. Due to the convenience and aesthetics, the cable-tray of our production is used in the framework of the Russian Federal program for repairing the entrances of apartment buildings (more than 1.5 thousand entrances have already been repaired).
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