The TV channel Through the Eyes of a tourist HD is a bank of unique stories told by tourists from all over the world with the help of their video camera! Documentary stories in HD format are devoted to active recreation in all its diversity. Cycling, caving, hiking, walking in exotic countries and other adventures are on the air. We are true to the principle of "Creating television together!" and invite experienced authors and amateur tourists to share their stories.

«Through the Eyes of a
tourist HD»

The first TV channel of the author's travel movie in 4K format.
Unusual, dangerous and exciting journeys from all over the world! Impressive picture, clear and high-quality 4K format. The content is unique, and the premieres of programs and movies appear on 4K Channel earlier than on the HD version.
The most extreme and unpredictable stories from our authors. Start traveling with us, turn on 4K!
«Through the Eyes of a
tourist HD»
The TV channel Active life HD is a unique project that helps people of mature age to fill their lives with movement, positivity and new discoveries in the world of a healthy lifestyle. Our coaches have got many years of experience, their own training methods and a desire to turn the mature age into a wonderful one.

On the air of our TV channel, everyone can find workouts that are a right fit! After all, we have more than 280 hours of content with trainings in various areas: joint gymnastics, yoga, step aerobics, exercises for a healthy back, wushu and qigong, breathing exercises and much more. Watch our TV channel, join a healthy lifestyle and live actively!

«Active life HD»
Wild nature HD is an anti-stress TV channel. In the round–the-clock broadcast of the TV channel - shots from the picturesque corners of our planet. Perhaps the perfect combination of images and sounds of nature for viewers who want to relax, take a break from the daily routine, do yoga and meditation!

«Wild nature HD»
HOME 4K is Russia's first anti-stress TV channel in Ultra HD resolution. On the air of the TV channel there are walks around the picturesque corners of the planet. Our viewer gets to the points of the Earth, unique by their colors, landscape and atmosphere. No wonder the TV channel's motto is: "Look at the world differently!".

Watching the series has a therapeutic effect. Picturesque shots make you forget about stress and immerse you in a state of peace, unity with nature. The series is the result of 8 years of filming and more than 400 expeditions! Each season of the series has 10 episodes of 30-35 minutes.
The first season of the series is dedicated to the beauty and diversity of nature at different times of the year.
The second season of the series is a scenic journey through the natural corners of Italy, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Slovenia, Thailand, France, Spain and other countries, in all the variety of their natural landscapes.
Robert Bogdanov works as a physics teacher in a provincial school, tolerates the jokes of students and hardly makes ends meet. Becoming an accidental accomplice to the robbery of a payment terminal and the murder of a drug dealer, Robert falls under the gun from two sides at once.

Season 1, 8 episodes / Shooting: Russia, Iceland / Director: Andrey Linich.
A series of author's programs tells about traveling around Russia and abroad. Presenter Andrey Kuzmin visits the lost corners of wildlife and popular tourist spots, large cities and small villages.
Russians travel the world! The series Crazy Russians will tell you how to:

- without money and without knowledge of the language, one can get from Milan to Lyon in 5 days!
- survive in the forest during a fire or in -40C above the Arctic Circle!
- to arrange life in wild places alone.

The authors of the films are famous Russian travelers. The number of episodes is 2, the duration of each episode is 2 hours.
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