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Through the Eyes of a Tourist TV channel

The channel broadcasts original films made by real tourists. No acting or staging! A refreshing and sincere perception of the world attracts the viewers, and the authors realize themselves as storytellers and find their grateful audience. The channel began broadcasting in 2014. Today it broadcasts more than 620 hours of content and 20 hours of premieres every month!
Through the Eyes of a Tourist TV channel 4K
The first TV channel of author's travel movies about travel in 4K format.
Unusual, dangerous and exciting journeys from all over the world! Impressive image, clear and high-quality 4K format. Unique content, premieres of programs and movies appear earlier than on the HD version.
The most extreme and unpredictable stories from our authors. Start traveling with us, turn on 4K!
‎Wild nature TV channel
Young mothers, teachers, yoga practitioners, esotery followers, and leaders often write us words of gratitude for this «‎oasis of tranquility», «‎rest after work» an «‎an escape from the hectic rhythm of life». Since 2012 the TV channel has broadcasted material from 3270 natural locations, shot by our team during more than 400 global expeditions!
‎Home 4K TV channel
Our most popular TV channel among the operators! It logically completes our Wild Nature HD TV
channel and answers the question of many viewers nowadays: «‎Why should we buy a 4K TV set?».
VOD. The series «‎Date with Nature»
Watching the series has a therapeutic effect. Picturesque shots make you forget about stress and immerse you in a state of peace and unity with nature. The series is the result of 8 years of filming and more than 400 expeditions! Each season of the series has 10 episodes of 30-35 minutes.
1 season
2 season
The first season of the series is dedicated to the beauty and diversity of nature at different times of the year.
The second season of the series is a picturesque journey through the nature spots of Italy, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Slovenia, Thailand, France, Spain and other countries, in all the diversity of their natural landscapes.
VOD. Crime drama «‎That's All Robert»
Robert Bogdanov works as a physics teacher in a provincial school, endures the ridicule of students and lives from paycheck to paycheck. Having become an accidental accomplice in the robbery of a payment terminal and the murder of a drug dealer, Robert falls under the gun from two sides at once.
Season 1, 8 episodes.
Shooting: Russia, Iceland, Israel.
Director: Andrey Linich.

VOD. The series «‎Beyond Your Doorstep»
The series tells about travels in Russia and abroad. TV-host Andrei Kuzmin visits lost spots
of wilderness and popular tourist spots, large cities and small villages.
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