Deploying Profitable PON-Ready Networks: up to 100 Houses per Day!

A unique technology from the company that has connected over 490 000 houses since 2016 with the average penetration rate of 43% as early as in the first two months.

Deploying for you like for ourselves!
Our formula for success is our proprietary technology and a systematic approach to building networks that includes several stages:
Sales & connection
Order connection
The Ufanet Group's approach to design and deployment of communication
networks is based on the following principles:

  • We design for 100% penetration
    The designed capacity suggests 100% penetration; we do not expand capacity bit by bit. In case of an increase in the number of connections, you always have free ports.
  • We say «‎NO» to onsite welding!
    We produce all components for network deployment and connection of subscribers in advance at our in-house PON factory.
  • Bespoke services for every situation
    Our technology is flexible. It ensures fine tuning of specific procedures on each of the five stages in every particular case.
  • «‎Orange Wave»
    All five blocks of our technology are interconnected, that is why we build team spirit before the launch. All team members are guided by a common goal, work together, and communicate with residents.
  • No setup fees
    There are no setup fees for subscribers. This way we rapidly increase loyalty and penetration rate as early as in the first months after the roll-out and scale up cash flow generation.
Our solutions speed up results
  • Thanks to Ufanet, we have reduced the time to reach target penetration in settlements from 4-6 months to 4-6 weeks!
    The Ufanet group of companies understands that this is the most important thing for us as a Telecom operator, since it is the operator that uses such solutions. Accurate delivery times, reasonable prices, as well as the absence of errors in documentation and incorrect materials are extremely important for us-all this is provided by Ufanet.

    PON products are delivered each in a separate box, where there is absolutely everything for its Assembly. As a result, we can immediately start construction from sсratch, without wasting our time on completing products from materials obtained from different suppliers-this is convenient and allows us to save our resources, thereby increasing the speed of construction of PON.

    With the transition to the Ufanet construction technology based on the «‎Wave» principle, we also managed to reduce the time to reach the target penetration in localities from 4-6 months to 4-6 weeks! This means that compared to the traditional approach to building PON networks, we receive on average about 2 additional monthly transfers from the same territory simply due to the higher speed of dialing the subscribers base.
  • Patch cords are made specifically for our project, which reduces the construction time!

    We have fruitful cooperation with the Ufanet group of companies in several areas at once. For example, performing design work on the construction of PON networks in conjunction with the delivery of goods.

    We fully trust the quality of our products. The choice was also due to the fact that patch cords and cabinets are made specifically for our project, which provides easy, high-quality installation and reduces construction time.

    Ufanet produces these products independently, at its own factories, the Assembly is completed and marked for each segment individually.

    We also cooperate with Ufanet in other areas: in particular, we purchase smart intercom kits and plan to launch this promising service in apartment buildings.
    We look forward to further cooperation!
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