Install smart meters and save on collecting the readings
Telemetry and Smart Meters
New opportunities
Remote collection of meter readings
Personal account with analytics
Easy upload and integration
with your IT systems
Alarms about leaks and tampering
Convenient app for residents
Quick entire house consolidation
Who will benefit from telemetry and why?
  • A new service: connection and maintenance of smart meters. A new source of income.
  • Promotion of other smart services through a single "My Smart Home" application.
  • Tendering for remote data collection services.
  • Provides a case for taking in new homes and special conditions for their servicing.

Management companies
  • Reducing the costs of collecting meter readings and consolidating the house balance.
  • Avoiding conflicts with residents due to non-transparent readings.
  • Competitive advantage in winning over new houses.
  • Provides evidence in disputes with providers.
  • Provides a strong case in negotiations with developers.
  • Compliance with the temperature settings.
Construction companies
  • Raises the class of housing and increases the price per square meter.
  • Compliance with the requirements of the federal law for housing commissioning.
  • All of the listed benefits for housing providers.
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